What Can We Do for Color Disorders and Sunspots on Our Skin?

What Can We Do for Color Disorders and Sunspots on Our Skin?

Why do skin blemishes occur? Is it possible to get rid of blemishes on our face? What can we do to prevent the formation of blemishes? What kind of products should we use in order to eliminate sunspots and blemishes that occur during pregnancy? We asked all these questions to the experienced and expert chemist, Filiz Arıkan, here are the answers;

Melanin is taken as basis as the main determining factor of human skin color. While the skin color varies from black to white, the exact cause of this depends on human genetics even though it cannot be determined. In addition, although the upper layer of the skin is colorless, melanin in the 1st and 2nd layers of the epidermis gives the skin its color. [1]

While the melanin in the human body is called the colorist by the scientists, it protects the body against the rays of the sun. The most important factor in the mobility of melanin is the sun rays. The duration and intensity of the sun rays vary according to the seasons and the length of the day. The melanin substance acts accordingly and determines the skin color. It causes the skin to lighten or darken according to its needs, gives the eye its color and protects it from harmful rays, and gives hair color to every person according to the amount that it contains just like a colorist. [2]

People in the North European and North American countries are much lighter skinned and blonde than those living in the south because in these countries, the sky is often cloudy and rainy. The sun affects in less time and with les intensity. This ensures that melanin is secreted less in hair and skin in order to benefit more from the rays of the sun. [2]

While melanin is the most important factor in determining skin color, the secretion of this hormone more or less than the requirement causes negative effects on the skin. Excessive secretion of melanin in the skin causes blemished appearance and skin tone differences. Excessive secretion of melanin may be caused by sun rays, hormones and various factors.


Sun rays: Skin damage may occur when the skin is constantly exposed to UV rays of the sun. In people who are excessively and constantly exposed to sun, more melanin hormone is secreted in order to protect the skin from UV rays. Excessive secretion of melanin hormone causes brown blemishes on the skin.

Hormones: The reason for the skinblemishes of many women during or after pregnancy is the hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy. In addition, it has been observed that these brown blemishes may be caused by the reactions of the body to external birth control pills and hormonal medications.

Is it possible to prevent the formation of skin blemishes?

There are two main methods to prevent these blemishes and tone differences on the skin;

Although there are available various substances and cosmetic products to prevent excessive or less melanin synthesis, to accelerate epidermal renewal and to prevent melanin synthesis, organic cosmetic products and herbal products should be preferred by considering the possibility of carcinogenicity. For example, arbutin is the most effective blemish remover.

As a result of the researches conducted at Kobe University, Osaka Prefecture University and Biochemical Research Laboratory, herbal arbutin has been proven to be an effective and safe substance in the treatment of skin blemishes. Herbal arbutin, which is also defined as herbal blemish remover, is the substance with the most effective whitening feature on the skin in cosmetics with biological technology. The reason why skin blemishes can be reduced is that it ensures the regular functioning of the skin’s reparative functions and strengthening of the communication between cells by increasing energy (ATP). By this means, it replaces the excessive melanin hormone in the skin with a colorless substance and prevents the formation of blemishes by regulating the color tone of the skin. [3]

What should those who have skin blemishes and those who want to prevent them pay attention to when choosing cosmetic products? Which products should they tend towards?

Rose oil and rose water, known as the miracle of nature, refresh the skin, accelerate the formation of new cells and help to the elimination of the spots occurring on the skin after sunbathing and maternity not by directly affecting the melanin hormone, but because of their antiseptic features. [4]

Vitamin E is the most important vitamin that helps to get rid of brown spots, also known as age spots on the skin. Vitamin E regulates hormone secretion by helping to the performance of the liver functions. By this means, it significantly slows the spread of brown spots.

The popularity of developing herbal solutions in cosmetic products has increased recently. Olive oil has been one of the most preferred vegetable oils in cosmetic products as it is cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing. With its antioxidant feature, olive oil delays the effects of aging on the skin and ensures that the skin appears young and fresh. While it does not cause side effects such as burns and redness on the skin, it provides brightness to the skin with its cell regenerative feature and prevents the formation of skin blemishes. [5]

Those who have skin blemishes should pay attention to the ingredients part when choosing a product, and they should choose products containing rose oil, apricot oil, vitamin E, olive oil and arbutin. The fact that the oils are organic is a very important detail. For the effectiveness of the ingredient to be high, I recommend that the product with organic ingredients is preferred if possible. However, the most important issue here is regular and long-term usage. It would not be right to use it for a month or two and expect immediate results. It is necessary to continue using the same product regularly for at least 6 months.