Why is our hair shed?

Why is our hair shed?

Is there available any method to prevent hair shedding?
How and how often should we apply care for hair shedding?
What kind of products should we use for hair shedding, which products should we avoid?

We asked the answers to all these questions to Filiz Arıkan, being an experienced and expert chemist who has spent many years in the cosmetics industry, and here is the information that Filiz Arıkan has compiled for us;

Symptomatic hair shedding is an acute or chronic form of hair shedding that may result in widespread hair thinning that does not fit into a pattern. Symptomatic hair shedding is observed especially in women.

While shedding of 50-100 strands per day is considered normal, intervention is required if there is excessive shedding and visible thinning of the hair.

Before proceeding with the treatment of hair shedding, the type of hair shedding must be examined by a specialist physician. Because hair shedding may occur with many diseases as well as many hormonal, metabolic and nutritional effects. 100% treatment is never possible until these are eliminated.

Why is our hair shed?

Ordinary Hair Shedding: Hair that has reached the end of its life is shed by itself or by external effects (such as combing, washing with shampoo, brushing, styling the hair). New hair grows in place of it. An average of 50-100 strands are shed per day.

Stress-Dependent Hair Shedding: The principal incident underlying hair shedding after psychological stress is the complex interaction between the psycho-neuroendocrine system and the immune system. In other words, the immune system is activated by the effect of psychological events and, as a result, hair shedding occurs. The medical literature is full of examples of hair shedding as a result of sudden, severe stress. Acute, severe stress conditions such as death of a loved one or job loss may cause dramatic, rapid, severe hair shedding.

Hair Problems Caused by Cosmetic Applications: Development of irritating or allergic dermatitis against the substances contained by shampoos is possible. Dermatitis, on the other hand, will cause hair shedding. After a while following the end of the improper application, the skin gradually recovers.

Hair Dyes: Various coloring hair dyes are harmful as they cause hard, brittle, non-viable hair. Organic dyes should be preferred as much as possible, and if organic dyes are not available, vegetable-based ones should be used.

Hair Shedding Depending on Medications: Hair follicles are such areas that receive a high rate of blood. Any medication that is administered into the body reaches the hair bulb through the bloodstream. If the medication is taken for a long time and reaches the hair bulb intensely, all the hair may be shed (diffuse alopecia).

Genetic Diseases: Hair findings are encountered with in a significant part of genetic diseases, and also genetic factors are effective in many primary hair diseases. It is necessary to obtain the opinion of dermatology and genetics specialists during the diagnosis.

Aging: The strength of the aging organism decreases. As hair is also a part of organism, the passing years reduce the strength of the hair. In people who have genetic predisposition, the rate of hair shedding increases over time.

Hair shedding is an aesthetic and social problem that considerably affects a person. It may cause serious psychological problems, especially in women. Today, there are many treatment options for hair shedding other than medical interventions.

Is there available any method to prevent hair shedding? How and how often should we apply care for hair shedding? What kind of products should we use for hair shedding? Which products should we avoid?

Zinc and vitamin B6 should be frequently taken.

It is the most critical factor, for the consumer, to use high quality products with effective formula in the cosmetic hair care products. The correct information and usage-related details should also be noted. For example, when a person who has normal or dry hair uses a shampoo prepared for oily hair, the hair and scalp dry out over time and dandruff, shedding and splitting problems occur.

First of all, sulfate-containing shampoos should not be used as a cosmetic solution to hair shedding problems (usually written as SLS or SLES in the ingredients) as sulfate-containing shampoos that dry the hair and scalp increase the problem of hair shedding.

The antioxidant effects and vitamin contents of herbal products have high benefits on hair. Organic certified products, on the other hand, should be preferred primarily because of their reliable content and high efficiency.

The benefits of Argan oil to hair mainly includes its providing natural brightness to hair, softening the damaged hair and reducing the formation of splitting. It also increases the elasticity of the hair and minimizes hair shedding. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin E is included among the most important vitamins for healthy hair. Vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, shortens the recovery period of hair damaged by sun and dye.

Sesame oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lecithin. It contains especially complex vitamins E, A and B. It is rich in iron and calcium as minerals. It also contains sesamol, besamolin and sesamin antioxidants. It is resistant to heat, sweat and light due to the Omega 9 ratio and antioxidants that it contains. Hair is strengthened and nourished in this way. It is especially good for hair with dandruff and fungal infections.

Apricot oil contains minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. It also has benefits on the scalp. It supports the nutrition of hair bulbs.


Olive oil softens the scalp with its moisturizing effect and minimizes the formation of dandruff. It is very effective against hair splitting, which increases due to the cold in winter and salty water and harmful rays of the sun in summer. It ensures that the hair is brighter.

Shea butter contains vitamins A and D required for the revitalization of the skin, vitamins E useful for the self-renewal of the skin, vitamins F helping the maintenance of its elasticity, and includes all the main substances needed by the skin. It is one of the ideal oils in hair care and it helps to prevent hair splitting and falling out by moisturizing the damaged hair deeply.